Camp Good News 2020

Open July 6!

Join us to hear Mrs. Hannah’s Bible stories, Mrs. June’s missionary story, and Pastor Jack’s special sessions! Play along with Mrs. June - and a surprise guest - during the memory verse game! And you won’t want to miss Surprise Times! 

And don’t forget Quiz Down! By filling out the Quiz Down Signup Consent Form below, parents may enroll their child in Quiz Down, giving their permission to have a care package or small mail-able prize delivered to the address provided (packages may be left on the porch or doorstep). For any child who completes all five Quiz Down pages, a surprise Camp Store Prize will be included in the Care Package. (Quiz Down and Care Package/Prize Program ends July 31.)

(Please see Guidelines for Prizes.)

How does it work?

Þ Camp opens July 6, but there is no specific time to join in to watch the videos.

Watch as much as you want in whatever order you choose! Binge-watch all 5 exciting Bible stories first, catch the entire missionary story in one day, or follow each day’s awesome playlist Day 1 to 5! We are mimicking a video-on-demand principal, tailoring camp to meet your family’s needs!

     Þ There is no registration required to join or to watch the camp videos.

We can't wait to see you soon!

(Camp Good News Online content is targeted for ages 7 and up, but any child is welcome to join in!)

Camp Good News Online!



Day One
Hello and Welcome!
Welcome to Camp Good News! Here's what you need to know!
Three Cheers for Camp Good News!
Sing our awesome camp theme song with Pastor Jack, Mrs. June, and Mrs. Hannah!
Bible Story 1
Watch Mrs. Hannah's exciting Bible story - Day 1 of Nehemiah!
Memory Verse Game 1
Play a game - learn a verse! Join Mrs. June! And who is that other guy?
Special Sesson 1
Did you hear that? Can you guess what it is? Join Pastor Jack and see!
It's time for ... Surprise Time!!!
Aidan's amazing bottle flip tricks!
Missionary Story 1
Mrs. June begins Day 1 of "Until the Letter Came" (used by permission of Bible Visuals, Intl.)

Day Two
Welcome to Day 2!
I am excited about Day 2, and I am excited that you're back for another adventure!
Bible Story 2
Day 2 of Nehemiah's story. Will his plan work?
Memory Verse Game 2
A different game today with Mrs. June and ... who's that other guy?
Special Session 2
Watch and listen as Pastor Jack shares a very cool collection!
Surprise Time! 2 - 1
Are you ready for Surprise Time 2? Lydia's tongue twisters! Awesome!
Surprise Time! 2 - 2
A surprising card trick with Kayla! How did she do that?!
Missionary Story 2
Mrs. June tells a little more of this exciting story!

Day Three
It's Day 3! Welcome back!
Bible Story 3
What does a fox have to do with Nehemiah's wall? Find out today!
Memory Verse Game 3
Pray, fly like an eagle, and don't faint! Do the motions, play the game, learn the verse!
Special Session 3
Pastor Jack and another collection!
Surprise Time! 3 -1
Who will surprise us today? Looks like Jonathan has a joke to tell!
Surprise Time! 3 - 2
It's time for Silly Songs with Miss Kait and Mrs. E.! (Traditional camp songs, used by permission.)
Surprise Time! 3 - 3
...the part of the day when Miss Kait and Mrs. E. sing a silly song!
Missionary Story 3
Will forgiveness really make all the difference?

Day Four
Welcome Day 4!
Camp Good News Day 4! The party's here!
Bible Story 4
Nehemiah is in danger! Will the trick work? Mrs. Hannah tells us today!
Memory Verse Game 4
Who is that guy with Mrs. June??
Special Session 4
How can people be like this collection?
Surprise Time! 4 - 1
Another surprise - some more friendly faces! It's Levi this time, and what an awesome shot!
Surprise Time! 4 - 2
Surprise! Stefan builds with Legos - and shows us Jesus!
Missionary Story 4
Is Lucy making a big mistake?

Day Five
Welcome Day 5!
It's Day 5! Hear the end of the Bible story and the missionary story! You don't want to miss a thing!
Bible Story 5
Mrs. Hannah finishes the exciting story!
Memory Verse Game 5
One more day! One more game! Great job!
Special Session 5
Hmm...what does Pastor Jack have today?
Surprise Time! 5 - 1
I love Surprise Time!! Shyla does a flag toss, and Sam says hello!
Surprise Time! 5 - 2
Someone you'll remember from Camp - our camp nurse Mr. Ken - has a special message! !
Missionary Story 5
The exciting ending! The power of forgiveness!
Good-bye and Thank-you!
Good-bye from Pastor Jack, Mrs. June, and Mrs. Hannah. We're looking forward to seeing YOU soon!
Camp Good News - in person!
Wonder what camp is like in person? Or maybe you'll see some familiar faces! Watch this exciting video and join us next summer!

Introducing Camp Good News Online!
The summer has changed, but our mission has not!