CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP OF CHESTER COUNTY is a faith ministry dedicated to serving the children of Chester County and their families. Our purpose is to reach boys and girls with the good news of Jesus and to encourage the believing child in a walk of faith.

CEF OF CHESTER COUNTY works toward this purpose in the following ways:

  • Holds several weeks of day camps -  Camp Good News and Kiddie Camp

  • Provides trained young people to teach summer 5-Day Clubs in community areas, day cares and homes

  • Conducts short-term missions opportunities through the Summer Missionary Program, Day Camp Leaders, and volunteer staff

  • Sponsors and oversees the After School Good News Club ministry

  • Equips all of our volunteers to work together to accomplish the purpose God has given us


5 Lies Children Believe

Children do not stay innocent for long. We see this in our ministry constantly: the world and the Enemy making inroads into their precious minds, seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. But for every lie that children believe, the truth of God redeems and restores.
1.“Everyone is disappointed with me.”
Kids mess up a lot. After all, they’ve only been at this a few years. Part of being a kid (and just plain being human) is making mistakes, but the way the adults in their lives react to those mistakes can start an unhealthy drumbeat of failure playing in their young minds.
But God says there is always forgiveness and a new start with Him. He never gives up on you.
2. “I’m not smart/beautiful/athletic/talented….”
In a kid’s world today, it is easier than ever to compare. It’s tough enough to find that you don’t measure up to the kids around you, but when you are also comparing yourself to a fake online or media presentation of what beauty and talent should look like, you are destined to end up believing a lie about yourself.
But God says you have been personally put together by Him. He has a purpose for you exactly the way you are. Your worth comes from Him.
3. “People who do good things go to heaven. People who do bad things go to…that other place.”
I can’t tell you the number of children - from both religious and non-religious backgrounds - who have said those words to me. Nor can I describe the shocked look on their faces when I disagree with them. I think this lie is deep in us, born in our hearts because of our fallen desire to justify ourselves and figure out a way to be good enough to make it on our own. Even as children, we want to wiggle our way out of facing who we really are. We don’t want to take a hard and uncomfortable look at our lostness.
But God says that until you are ready to admit that you are separated from Him by your sin, you are not ready to receive what He has done for you.
4. “I will always be afraid.”
So much is outside a child’s control – where they spend the day, who picks them up, what they eat, who lives in their house – even their own toys and clothes are not really fully their own. That lack of control can bring fear. Often the more out-of-control a child feels, the more anxiety he deals with, and the more he adopts destructive behaviors to cope with those feelings. If this fear has been with the child as long as he can remember, he will certainly believe the lie that this is the way life is always going to be.
But God says there is an answer to the cycle of fear. He is present and in control, and He brings hope.
5. “I’m not loved.”
Maybe this is a lie that a child believes only when he is discouraged or sad. I hope so. But for some children, this is an ingrained, spoken, reinforced lie that becomes part of who they are.
But God says, “I love you.” And then He showed it.
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