CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP OF CHESTER COUNTY is a faith ministry dedicated to serving the children of Chester County and their families. Our purpose is to reach boys and girls with the good news of Jesus and to encourage the believing child in a walk of faith.

CEF OF CHESTER COUNTY works toward this purpose in the following ways:

  • Holds several weeks of day camps -  Camp Good News and Kiddie Camp

  • Provides trained young people to teach summer 5-Day Clubs in community areas, day cares and homes

  • Conducts short-term missions opportunities through the Summer Missionary Program, Day Camp Leaders, and volunteer staff

  • Sponsors and oversees the After School Good News Club ministry

  • Equips all of our volunteers to work together to accomplish the purpose God has given us


Frontline Thankfulness
BY Child Evangelism Fellowship of Chester County

For 24 years we’ve made it a habit to visit churches throughout Chester County—in years past to introduce ourselves and the ministry of CEF, more recently, to reconnect and thank them again for their continued support. In these times we greatly appreciate the reminders that folks are aware of the work that’s being done and especially that they are praying. Often we have heard comments like, “You guys are out there on the front lines.” That one sometimes surprises us. But it shouldn’t.

Our Good News Clubs restart each fall in October. With all the changes we have all been through, we really had no idea what to expect as we went to our first clubs. Every year, we are reminded that this is such an important ministry, and that the majority of these kids really don’t know the truths of Jesus, the Bible, or the gospel. 

Here are some initial reports from our teachers—

Our first Bible Club went really well, praise the Lord. We had 16 precious children, which doesn't seem like a lot but we were put in a new space, and had some new Covid rules to follow, so I was thankful for just the number God sent us. Our enrollment has already increased to 21! We handed out smiley face stickers as our first weekly gift and explained how we were smiling at them under our masks. And I really was smiling the whole time at the children. They were all ready to listen, glad to be at Club, and focused on everything that was happening. Things are different this year for club but God is the same. He loves these children and has called them to learn about the Savior who died for them and rose again to live for them. What a joy to serve such a God and teach His Word!

Thank you for praying for us in this new environment to tell boys and girls about and of Jesus. We have 12 from the 3rd and 4th grades at Caln… Also please pray for the parents whom we are asking to review the Memory Verse with their children; and to work with them to develop prayer requests for their family, themselves and others who need God’s help.

Amazing is the word to describe it! We had 49 sign-ups and with the social distancing it was unique to say the least. Praying for more wisdom to handle the crowd and thankful for His blessing!

This is where the thankfulness comes in. This is all by the grace of God. Everything we and our Good News Club volunteers do is because of His great love to us and especially because of His great love to these incredibly important and wonderful people called children. We go to the front lines every week because the children don’t know Him. They need to. We are thankful we can go.



Caln Elementary Good News Club
Students in 4th and 5th grade  @ Caln Elementary School


Kings Highway Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Kings Highway Elementary


Twin Valley Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Twin Valley Elementary Center

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