Quiz Down Prize Form & Guidelines

Parents, please fill out this form to enroll your child in Quiz Down! and to have a care package or small
envelope- mail-able prize delivered to the address provided. (please see guidelines for prizes)


Guidelines for Prizes

1. Anyone may access Camp Good News videos. No consent form is required.

2. Care Packages will be delivered to children who live in Chester County, PA and for whom a completed consent form is received during the month of July 2020. If said child completes all five Quiz Down! pages, a surprise Camp Store Prize will be added to the Care Package.

3. Small envelope-mail-able prizes will be sent to children living outside Chester County PA but within the continental United States and for whom a consent form is received during the month of July 2020.

4. Care Packages and prizes will be assembled following current local guidelines for health safety.

5. Our target date for delivery is by the end of August. Care packages will be left on porches or doorsteps.

6. All prizes and Care Packages based on availability. Prize and Care Package enrollment closes July 31, 2020.