CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP OF CHESTER COUNTY is a faith ministry dedicated to serving the children of Chester County and their families. Our purpose is to reach boys and girls with the good news of Jesus and to encourage the believing child in a walk of faith.

CEF OF CHESTER COUNTY works toward this purpose in the following ways:

  • Holds several weeks of day camps -  Camp Good News and Kiddie Camp

  • Provides trained young people to teach summer 5-Day Clubs in community areas, day cares and homes

  • Conducts short-term missions opportunities through the Summer Missionary Program, Day Camp Leaders, and volunteer staff

  • Sponsors and oversees the After School Good News Club ministry

  • Equips all of our volunteers to work together to accomplish the purpose God has given us


Dec 2016 Jan 2017 Newsletter

CEF’s Top 10 Everything of 2016

It’s the end of the year, and we all know what that means: time for the never-ending barrage of Top 10 lists. Recently I actually did a web search on those, which, by the way, I wouldn’t recommend. I saw the expected lists of movies, celebrities, and technology, along with the very unexpected of firearms, coal reserves, and dangerous bacteria. But one title especially caught my eye—the “Everything Top 10” list. I’m not sure exactly what they covered, but I somehow related to that title, and, although not necessarily in a list of ascending importance, this is immediately what came to mind.

10. New materials—We were excited this year to update many of our Good News Club and Camp Good News materials, using more color and better formatting to communicate the message of the good news.

9. New games and equipment—Camp Good News also got a little bit of a face-lift with new games and equipment like Gaga Ball and the running tic-tac-toe hula-hoop relay.

8. New day camp location—Holding our two weeks of Camp Good News and one week of Kiddie Camp at Gateway Church was a huge improvement to the summer ministry. As Gateway’s staff warmly welcomed us, we were able to warmly and effectively welcome kids and parents to camp.

7. New summer staff—Many new people joined our summer staff, from 12-year-old Camp Good News “graduates” who energetically served as Junior Helpers for Kiddie Camp to just a little bit older retired folks who enthusiastically filled in wherever needed at Camp Good News. Returning staff also stepped up to accept new positions of responsibility, such as Team Leader, Day Camp Leader, Lead Summer Missionary, and Camp Videographer.

6. New Good News Club staff—Lots of people joined our Good News Club staff this fall. We now have 85 volunteers forming 12 teams and going to 12 public elementary schools every week to tell the children that Jesus, the Son of God, loves them and wants to save them.

5. New interest in Good News Clubs from new area pastors—We constantly pray for local churches to be burdened to form teams to go into more schools to begin new Good News Clubs. Recently, three pastors who have accepted positions with local churches have contacted me to talk about that possibility!

4. New website and promotional material—God blessed us with gifts to purchase a retractable banner and a new camera—the camera meant our daughter Rebekah could make an awesome Camp Good News promotional video—we were inspired to rework and redesign a new display and new business and informational cards—and it all culminated in a fantastic newly-done website! (Please visit the new website at www.cefchester.org)

3. New and continuing supporters—Our gratitude just continues year after year for you; we love and appreciate you who give to this ministry, pray for this ministry, and continue to support and encourage us in this ministry.

2. New and continuing children involved in camps and clubs—We can only praise God for the nearly 1,000 children who come through the doors of the ministry of CEF every year. God has commissioned us to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to them, and we are grateful that they come, that they listen, that they return, and that many believe.

1. The continuing love and support of our family—This could hardly be called a Landis Christmas newsletter if we didn’t mention our own children. God has blessed us above measure, and, as time goes by, we count more and more ways that we are thankful for and to our family.


God bless you all,

And Merry Christmas!

Jack and June



Twin Valley Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Twin Valley Elementary Center


Honey Brook Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Honey Brook Elementary School


Rainbow Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Rainbow Elementary School, Large Group Room

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