CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP OF CHESTER COUNTY is a faith ministry dedicated to serving the children of Chester County and their families. Our purpose is to reach boys and girls with the good news of Jesus and to encourage the believing child in a walk of faith.

CEF OF CHESTER COUNTY works toward this purpose in the following ways:

  • Holds several weeks of day camps -  Camp Good News and Kiddie Camp

  • Provides trained young people to teach summer 5-Day Clubs in community areas, day cares and homes

  • Conducts short-term missions opportunities through the Summer Missionary Program, Day Camp Leaders, and volunteer staff

  • Sponsors and oversees the After School Good News Club ministry

  • Equips all of our volunteers to work together to accomplish the purpose God has given us


November 2017


C. S. Lewis wrote, “Gratitude exclaims, very properly, ‘How good of God to give me this.’” Another British writer G.K. Chesterton said that “gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”  I’m especially thankful that this time of year calls us to stop and take time to wonder at all we have been given and all we have to be grateful for.

I’m grateful for our local board. Every ministry needs a group of people offering guidance and helping to carry the responsibility. I am grateful for the people who have given their time and talents to make it possible for this ministry to exist.

Over the years that we’ve been here, the following people have served or are currently serving in this way: Ada Bunting, Durwin Coleman, Mel Underwood, Walt Harris, Ed Kurtz, Claude Agostini, Warren Bryant, Elsie Creasy, Dave Brown, Brian Hostetter, and Joyce Chance.

I’m grateful for these people.

I’m grateful for our Good News Club Teams and Team Leaders. This year we have over 80 people staffing the teams that go into public schools each week to teach Good News Clubs. I’m grateful for all of them. But how do we keep this group organized, on-task, and passionate about the vital ministry they are doing each week? Each Good News Club team has someone who has agreed to serve as our first point of contact and as the person who rallies their group around the mission to share the Good News with boys and girls. Our team leaders this year are: Kathy Marinelli, Joyce Kusnierczyk, Pastor Perry Stewart, Cindy Venable, Linda Flegal, Anne Hillegass, Pastor Jeff Haag, Susan James, Rick Crouse, and Jane Cone.

I’m grateful for these people.

I’m grateful for our financial supporters. Without churches and individuals who financially support us, this ministry could not survive. Some of you give regularly every month or every quarter, and have for years. Some of you give as God blesses you or as God brings us to your mind. I am more grateful than I can say for you and for your gifts. You, by God’s grace, have made it possible for all of us in CEF of Chester County to bring the Good News of Jesus to thousands of children over the past 20 years and to hundreds each year.

Because of your faithful support in both prayer and giving, I need to let you know that CEF is at a difficult time right now financially. Our fiscal year recently ended with a deficit of nearly $9,000. This deficit is significant and has affected how we are able to reach out to the children in our area. We are asking God to provide through His people so that we can get back on track and move forward.

I’m grateful for you.






Twin Valley Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Twin Valley Elementary Center


Honey Brook Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Honey Brook Elementary School


Rainbow Elementary Good News Club
Students Kindergarten through 5th grade  @ Rainbow Elementary School, Large Group Room

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