CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP OF CHESTER COUNTY is a faith ministry dedicated to serving the children of Chester County and their families. Our purpose is to reach boys and girls with the good news of Jesus and to encourage the believing child in a walk of faith.

CEF OF CHESTER COUNTY works toward this purpose in the following ways:

  • Holds several weeks of day camps -  Camp Good News and Kiddie Camp

  • Provides trained young people to teach summer 5-Day Clubs in community areas, day cares and homes

  • Conducts short-term missions opportunities through the Summer Missionary Program, Day Camp Leaders, and volunteer staff

  • Sponsors and oversees the After School Good News Club ministry

  • Equips all of our volunteers to work together to accomplish the purpose God has given us


April 2017


Over the past two weeks, from 3:45 to 5:00 pm each day, a Good News Club teacher presented the Easter story to a group of children in a public school. Many of these kids had never heard the details of how Jesus died and came alive again - for them. This was the message we were sharing with the children  for our final clubs this Good News Club season.

Some of these kids will come again next year, but some we will never see again. God has worked greatly in many of their lives, but I'm sure He has more He wants to do. As you read these quick stories, thank God with us, but also pray for His continued work in the lives of the 450+ kids who came to our clubs.

At the beginning of the club year, First-grader M. challenged practically every rule and was full of excuses and accusations toward club staff and other children. Throughout club he evidenced some real emotional and behavioral issues. As the club year went on, though, we began to see him become more and more settled, and more and more interested in the stories, Bible verses, and songs. Two weeks ago, he raised his hand at the invitation to talk to a counselor, and when the counselor asked him what he was thinking when he raised his hand, he said, “I was thinking I really love Jesus.”

At the last club in one of our schools, Fifth-grader A. left club with his Grandma and sister. June watched him stop on the sidewalk and come back in. He walked up to June and said, “Please tell Pastor Jack, and , well, tell you, thank you for teaching me about the Bible and all this stuff.”

Also at our last club, we watched Third-grader S. go from helper to helper giving hugs and saying “Good-bye. I'll miss you.” Then he came to June and me and said, “I love you two guys.”

Where can you have the opportunity to touch children like this and to tell them the Good News that Jesus loves them and died for them, and then to hear these stories as they also come to love Him? The only place I know  is Good News Club.

Thank God for how much He loves the children, and thank Him that we can go to local elementary schools to tell them.



Camp Good News Week 1
completed 2nd gr. through completed 6th gr.  @ Gateway Church


Camp Good News Week 2
completed 2nd gr. through completed 6th gr.  @ Gateway Church


Kiddie Camp
age 4 - finished 1st grade  @ Gateway Church

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