Stories of Jesus Season 1

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Stories of Jesus, Season 1

Episodes 1-8 taught by Pastor Jack

Beginning October 1

New episodes drop each Thursday!

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Coming soon – An exciting missionary story taught by Mrs. June. Watch it in November and December!


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Stories of Jesus Season 1
Stories of Jesus Season 1 Episode 1
Who is Jesus? Why does He matter? Watch Pastor Jack's exciting Bible story and begin to find out! (Special thanks to Betty Lukens visuals)

Season 1 Theme Song
Season 1 Stories of Jesus Theme Song
One of the most awesome things about Jesus is how much He loves you! Check out this fun song!

Season 1 Theme Verse
Season 1 Stories of Jesus Theme Verse
The stories of Jesus are not just exciting, but really important! In these words from the Bible, God tells us why! Learn them along with Mrs. June.