Camp Good News 2021


Join us to hear Mrs. Hannah’s Bible stories, Mrs. June’s missionary story, and Pastor Jack’s special sessions! Play along with Mrs. June - and a surprise guest - during the memory verse game! And you won’t want to miss Quiz Down!


How does it work?

Þ Camp opens online July 12 and will drop one day’s playlist at a time. After that, there is no specific time to join in to watch the videos.

Watch as much as you want in whatever order you choose! Binge-watch all 5 exciting Bible stories first, catch the entire missionary story in one day, or follow each day’s awesome playlist Day 1 to 5! We are mimicking a video-on-demand principal, tailoring camp to meet your family’s needs!

Þ There is no registration required to join or to watch the camp videos.

We can't wait to see you soon!

(Camp Good News Online content is targeted for ages 7 and up, but any child is welcome to join in!)

Looking for in-person day camp? **Click Here to sign up! See you there!



2021 Camp Good News Online!